Demonstrator Projects

Big Demonstrators Projects

ADRI focuses on multidisciplinary unclassified novel projects, state of the art technologies with a goal to achieve a level of a technology demonstrator, that can evolve to a functioning system. The aim is to collaborate with industrial defense companies and government agencies to meet the security and defense force’s needs of Israel in the medium to long-range horizons. It is a necessary condition to have participation from defense industry and/or the “customer”. The center funds are allocated only to the Technion staff for its research expenditures.
Areas of interest (examples): Protection, Robotics, Decontamination, Cyber, Data Science, Micro-Satellites and payloads, Miniaturizing electronics, Optics; Image processing, Communication, Image Analysis (facial recognition, video), Advanced Energy Sources (Fuel Cells), Drones, Lasers, Etc.