Gemunder Prize for “Space-Defense Related Technologies“

Annual Student Competitions

ADRI awards an annually prize for “space-security-defense research” for graduate student (M.Sc./ Ph.D.), post-doctoral student, or a group of undergraduate students in the final year of studies.
Relevant Research Topics:

  • Engineering Materials and Structures (Primary structure, Nanomaterials, Coatings etc.)
  • Energy Generation, Transfer, Conversion and Storage (Thermal management, Power sources, Electronic architecture, Solar systems etc.)
  • Propulsion (Launch propulsion, In-space propulsion, Propellants etc.)
  • Navigation (Altitude control, Antennas, GPS etc.)
  • Communication and Data-computing (Radio, Electronics, Optics, Flight/Ground software etc.)

The proposals are reviewed by an experts committee, which includes Technion staff, representatives from the IDF and the defence system.
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